ConduitAll Methods


    • Create a new conpherence thread.
    • Query for Conpherence threads for the logged in user. You can query by IDs or PHIDs for specific Conpherence threads. Otherwise, specify limit and offset to query the most recently updated Conpherences for the logged in user.
    • Query for transactions for the logged in user within a specific Conpherence room. You can specify the room by ID or PHID. Otherwise, specify limit and offset to query the most recent transactions within the Conpherence room for the logged in user.
    • Update an existing conpherence room.


    • Query for packages by one of the following: repository/path, packages with a given user or project owner, or packages affiliated with a user (owned by either the user or a project they are a member of.) You should only provide at most one search query.
    • Apply transactions to create a new Owners package or edit an existing one.
    • Unstable
    • Read information about Owners packages.
    • Unstable


    • Look up objects by name.
    • Retrieve information about arbitrary PHIDs.
    • Retrieve information about an arbitrary PHID.
    • Deprecated


    • Process text through remarkup in Phabricator context.
    • Unstable


    • Retrieve an array of information about a poll.


    • Permanently disable specified users (admin only).
    • Re-enable specified users (admin only).
    • Query users.
    • Retrieve information about the logged-in user.
    • Lookup PHIDs by username. Obsoleted by "user.query".
    • Deprecated