API Method: conpherence.querytransaction

Login Required: This method requires authentication. You must log in before you can make calls to it.
nonempty dict
  • ERR_USAGE_NO_ROOM_ID: You must specify a room id or room PHID to query transactions from.
  • ERR-CONDUIT-CORE: See error message for details.

Query for transactions for the logged in user within a specific Conpherence room. You can specify the room by ID or PHID. Otherwise, specify limit and offset to query the most recent transactions within the Conpherence room for the logged in user.

Call Method

Enter parameters using JSON. For instance, to enter a list, type: ["apple", "banana", "cherry"]

optional int
optional phid
optional int
optional int


Use the Conduit API Tokens panel in Settings to generate or manage API tokens.
$ echo <json-parameters> | arc call-conduit --conduit-uri --conduit-token <conduit-token> conpherence.querytransaction